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Easton Area Corvette Club Members can now get  "Collectors Car Insurance by Infinity  for their Corvettes .  Our friends over at Snyder Insurance are offering our members "  Priority Status " for  implementing  this most desired form of Classic Car Insurance  .

Don't think your brand new C7 could be eligible to receive this type of insurance ? ?   WRONG ! !    Snyder now offers this type of insurance for ALL  years of  Corvettes !   C4 ,C5 ,C6 ,C7 are now eligible -- they are called " Modern Classics " --  Go on over -- they can get you covered at  up to  75%  off of what  Allstate , Nationwide , State Farm and the rest will charge for your Corvette coverage !

Call and speak to one of their agents , or better yet -  Take a ride over to their office - they are conveniently located  on Easton  Ave. in Bethlehem .

Well , I went from paying Allstate $500. per year for my 1995 Corvette coverage -- to now  paying  only  $118 per year thanks to the new Modern Classics policies that are available thru Infinity Classic Collectors Insurance that you can get from the Snyder Agency ! 

And it is actually a Better policy than Allstate -  full comprehensive and collision coverage with only a $ 50. deductible - Heck , Allstate gave me a $1,000. deductible .  And  No Milage Limitations as long as your vehicle is used for  Pleasure Only . If you drive your Corvette to commute to-and-from work - Forget It  , you can't get the policy . You will need to prove you own a "Daily Driver Car " .

The friendly folks over at Snyder Insurance will set you up with a policy that is the " Right Price & Right Coverage"  for your specific needs . Remember to mention that you are a member of the Easton Area Corvette Club  and you will receive a Big Smile and the friendliest customer service you can imagine .  

Craig ,  the owner of Snyder Insurance , is also a " Car Guy " --  He has owned 3 Corvettes over the years  , the last one being a 2004   Anniversary Convertible which he sold last year .  He is also a member of the  GTO Association of  PA  since 1990 .  Craig's agency currently insures more than 300 Classic Cars -- so he " Speaks Our Language " !

For members and friends looking for an agent closer to their home -- there are also several other local agencies that offer this Infinity Insurance Package for their cars -- the INFINITY  LINK  posted at page bottom will send you to the agency closest to your zip code.

Brad & Denise Orey visited the Mearhoff  Insurance Agency near them to obtain this insurance for their 1989 & 1993  Corvettes . They have lowered their annual premiums by more than 60% and are now only paying  $ 170.00  per vehicle !

I hope this information can help save my fellow EACC Members a lot of money and allow you to have many miles of Happy Motoring in your Corvette !


Steven Matthew Jurczyk

      EACC  Webmaster

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